Scroll downward to see images of her work through the years from the latest to the earliest.

Autumn Leaves    15"w X 17"h    2017

The beauty of autumn leaves inspired me to gather and prepare them for application to fabric using adhesives, glazes, colored pencils and machine stitching.

The New Normal?    28¼"w X 24"h    2016

This work is a larger version of a drawing I made of a forest fire many years ago. I liked it too much to discard, so with global warming and an increasing number of forest fires world wide, I felt compelled to create the drawing as a full size quilt.

Mterials: Cotton and synthetic fabrics, wool felt, cotton and decorative threads, permanent chalks and inks.

Snow Fall    14½"w X 11¼"h    2016

Cotton, metallic fabrics, chalk, acrylic, colored pencils, hand and machine sewing.

Frosty Forest Floor    16"w X 11½"h    2016

Natural materials were gathered, dried, pressed, and glued to fabruc covered felt enhanced wuth a variety of paints, then quilted with metalic thread and bound to the back fabric. This work was inspired by the endless beauty and diversity of late fall leaves and other plants.

Aloha    25"w X 30"h    2016

This Hawaiian hula dancer greets guests, or tourists, arriving at the seaport with “Aloha”, meaning hello, welcome, or farewell. She is adorned with leis, or wreaths of flowers, an integral part of Hawaiian culture, as she stands in the warm water along the shoreline amongst the rocks and pebbles.

Grandmother's Begonia    22½"w X 18½"h    2016

Since my own children were small, they have been awed by the beauty of the begonia where it bloomed on a stand in one corner of their Grandmotherís home. Now, with her passing, it still blooms faithfully twice a year in my home, seemingly happy in the same root bound pot. Truly a feast for the eyes.

In Loving Memory    17"w X 17"h    2016

Flowers play an especially significant role in honoring our loved ones. This mother and daughter carry flowers in remembrance of someone special in their lives. The central blossom is a Wood Anemone called “Windflower”, whose buds turns upward toward the sun as they open, its petals tinged with pink or blue along the edges.

Australia    36"w X 48"h    2015

Cotton with fabric ink.

Drumbeats    59"w X 59"h    2015

Silk noil, wool, glass beads, wood, acrylic paint, cotton backing. Originally created in 1991, remodeled in 2015.

Rainbow    49½"w X 26"h    2014

This quilt was designed and constructed for the SAFE/Jasper Mountain Home for children. We see rainbows when sunlight is refracted by rain, breaking the light into its spectrum of colors. This quilt can be used as an educational tool to familiarize children with the relationship of the primary and secondary colors, as well as lend an area of color to the new indoor recreation room. The building in the center of the quilt, nestled among the trees, is from a drawing of the additions and newly remodeled areas of that facility.

My Secret Hideaway    43½"w X 33½"h    2014

In late summer, by a secluded river inlet that forms a pond, leaves, twigs and other debris glint and glimmer in the afternoon sun, now very low in the afternoon sky. A golden glow back lights the falling leaves. This is my quiet retreat near the end of a busy day. Materials are cotton and synthetic fabrics, paints, and Stitchless fabric glue. Machine stitched and quilted.

The Tonic of Wildness    35½"w X 22"h    2013

This work was inspired by Henry David Thoreau's "Walden", or "Life in the Woods", with excerpts as follows:

"We need the tonic of wildness. At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be infinitely wild. — We can never get enough of nature. We must be refreshed by the sight of inexhaustible vigor, vast and titanic features, the sea coast with its wrecks, the wilderness with its living and its decaying trees, — and some life pasturing freely where we never wander."

Materials include commercial cottons, silk noile, sueded cloth, fusible materials and glue, fabric paints and dyes, velvet, and metallic synthetics. Construction methods include both machine and hand sitching.

Tactile Adventure    45"w X 16"h    2013

This piece has been an adventure using my own hand dyed silk, enhanced with multiple colored threads and yarns in a variety of textures, plus wire installed at intervals.

Under Water    16" diameter    2013

This work evolved spontaneously with no preconceived notion of what it should be. It seemed to suggest water, hence the title. Cotton and synthetic fabrics and threads, beads, construction by hand and machine.

The Emu & the Kangaroo    36½"w X 40½"h    2013

Emu & Kangaroo was created for Jean's first great grandchild, born in Australia in July 2013.

Salmon Spawning    36"w X 29"h    2013

This ceremonial cape, in the style of the Pacific Northwest Indian cultures, illustrates the ultimate goal of the salmon, to reproduce. It was created for the Aullwood Audubon's quilt show, "Seasons of Life."

Pearl of the Planets    34"w X 43"h    2012

Small quiltlets surround the Pearl with it's atmosphere, water, land, and life forms, including human. Materials consist of commercial and hand dyed cotton and synthetic fabrics and threads, ink, stain, and paints, layered with cottong batting. Construction is by hand and machine.

Cosmic Speedway    47"w X 34½"h    2012

This grid is an adaptation of a technique developed by Ellen Adams, as described in her article, "Shattered Quilts", published in Threads Magazine in March 1999. It involves an image cut into anchor blocks, then offset repeat of the same image inserted between the anchor blocks. In this piece, the effect is of celestial objects speeding through space.

Black Scrap: A Study    21½"w X 15½"h    2012

This piece resulted when a scrap from a larger work was used rather than discarded.

Nine Sisters    24"w X 28"h    2011

A portrait finish construction makes the art work seem to float against a sky blue background. Cotton fabrics, cotton and polyester threads.

The next nine are interpretions of selected stories from Winnie the Pooh
and The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne and illustrator Ernest H. Shepard.

Winnie The Pooh (1 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Preparing for winter.

Eeyore (2 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Receiving two birthday presents from Piglet and Pooh.

Tigger (3 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Rescuing Rabbit, lost in the mist.

Piglet (4 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Escaping Owl's house, Piglet runs for help.

Kanga and Baby Roo (5 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Watching Roo's jumping lessons at the sandy pit.

Owl (6 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Moving into Piglet's former house.

The Expotition (7 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Pole found to rescue Roo from stream with 'Rox'.

Rabbit (8 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Wondering, "What is a Backson?" at Christopher Robbin's house.

The Enchanted Place (9 of 9)    22"w X 18½"h    2011

Saying goodbye as childhood and stories end.

Cheese Tasting    28"w X 35"h    2010

This work was designed in response to a photograph received for the Tactile Expressions theme show entitled "Full Circle." Based on the old parlor game called telephone, but here interpreted by passing on a photograph instead of a verbal statement, each recipient of a photo interpreted it in fabric. The photograph I received featured cheeses from other countries.

Body Maintenance    43"w X 39"h    2010

As an elderly woman, more and more of my time during any day is spent in body maintenance. As a child of the great depression, frugality is a way of life, so reduce, reuse, recycle is nothing new. All fabrics and packaging materials were previously used. Only adhesives were purchased.

Colors Under Light    84"w X 37½"h    2009

A spectrum of colors creates a film of floodlights and shadows playing over the surface of this work. It was inspired by the studio background wall seen on the PBS television show “Bill Moyer’s Journal”.

Sizzles    14"w X 19"h    2009

A pair of place mats for the table or the wall.

Uptown    14"w X 19"h    2009

A pair of place mats for the table or the wall.

Mixed Bag    23½"w X 34"h    2007

Words on each side of the comedy/tragedy mask list some of the hundreds of positive/negative aspects of the human condition as well as the quotation, an original statement by husband Terry, appliqued on the bag held by the figure.

Taste the Wine & The Bread and the Wine    each 9"w X 16"h    2007

Companion pieces depicting secular and sacramental use of wine.

Beatitude    23"w X 37½"h    2006

The text says, "Blessed Are the Hyper-Rich, For They Shall Inherit the Earth, and Pay No Taxes on the Inheritance". Fabrics embedded with sparkles, a skirt of gold colored fabrics and heavily machine embroidered with appliqued dollar signs express the theme.

Shoreline    22½"w X 16½"h    2006

Metallic fabrics, fabric paints to raise the appliqued white caps of the sea, the sandy beach of cottons heavily quilted, and line after line of machine stitches in graded shades of sea and sky give a textured sense of reality to the mother and child as they wade.

Studies in Metallics I    each 10"w X 10"h    2006

Blue Black & White
Turquoise Purple

Studies in Metcallics II    each 10"w X 10"h    2005


From the Vine & Red Wine    each 10"w X 20"h    2006

Companion pieces of cotton, metallics, and fusibles.

33 Fish    10"w X 9"h    2005

Silk and synethics and other fusibles.

Before White Men Came    30"w X 20"h    2005

The Inland Valleys People in what is now Oregon made winter dwellings of easily gathered materials such as poles, planks, bark and brush. Quilt materials are cotton fabrics fused to Fuse2fuse interfacing, polyester and rayon yarns, net, fabric pens, paint, and glue, creating a heavily textured scene. Construction is by sewing machine.

Ding Dong Bell    45"w X 38"h    2005

Ding Dong Bell
“Ding, dong, bell, Pussy’s in the well. Who put her in? Little Johnny Green. Who pulled her out? Little Tommy Stout. What a naughty boy was that, To try to drown poor pussy cat, Who ne’er did him any harm, But killed all the mice in the farmer’s barn.”

Grass Fire    25"w X 16½h    2005

Hot Rain    14"w X 17½"h    2005

This piece of my own hand-dyed silk seemed to suggest acid rain splashes.

Inside Neurons    34"w X 34½"h    2005

Touch a hot stove, we pull away. The skin itches, we scratch it. Feel hungry, we eat. We are only aware of responses to our unseen nervous system which is high specialized, complex, and absolutely essential to life. Expressed here is the neuron and its processes. These specialized impulse conducting cells are the functional unit of the nervous system.

Passions of the Heart    22"w X 35"h    2005

Our passions may speed up the heart or slow it down, yet we commonly refer to our emotions with such cliches as “She wearsher heart on her sleeve", “Cheating heart”, or “My heart bleeds for you&rdquo. Colors are often attached to the emotions, such as “I'm green with envy&rdquo and many more.

Frogs Frolic    35"w X 25"h    2004

“The frog's life is most jolly, my lads; he has no care who shall fill his cup; for he has drink to spare.”

There Once was a Puffin   37"w X 22"h    2004

It is essential to read the poem by Florence Page Jacques that is written on the seashells to understand why a puffin would be eating pancakes instead of his usual diet of little fishes.

Bullfrog Ballerina, with Butterflies, Beetles, and Other Bugs   19"w X 19"h    2003

This frog has a tu-tu of pink net, her skin has raised dots and lines of fabric paint, with many other heavily textured features including the fringed side edges suggesting a stage curtain, all to express this whimsical interpretation of a frog catching her prey.

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime    29"w X 42"h    2003

The incongruity between the influence of American culture of today in Italy and medieval architecture of long ago struck me as both ridiculous and sublime. Here you see an arrow indicating a one-way street next to a poster of Larry Hagman, an American actor, hawking chewing gum in stark contrast to a view of the leaning Tower of Pizza and surrounding medieval Christian architecture.

Gray May Day    36"w X 38"h    2003

“April showers bring May flowers” but in Oregon it just keeps on raining.

Quilt on a Quilt    27½"w X 21"h    2002

Abstract elements of a garden with a view of a river beyond.

Sand Castles    35"w X 47"h    2002

Three of Jean's grandchildren build castles in the sand at dusk, their dream castle appearing on the horizon as the sun sets.

Signature    11"w X 26"h    2002

Needle & Thread    14"w X 12½"h    2001

The human hand, with its opposing thumb and forefinger, is the most capable of that of all primates. Here it is superimposed on a background of raised pin-tucks representing a fingerprint.

Iris Nymph    30"w X 17"h    2000

Waterfall    7"w X 18"h    2000

Lucile Remembered    60"w X 30"h    2000

A tribute to Jean's mother from babyhood to her death at age 88.

In a Dark and Quiet Pool    43"w X 26½"h    1999

Microcircuit    21"w X 23"h    1999

Spring Run    42"w X 17"h    1999

Glacier Bay    57"w X 22"h    1996

In the permanent collection at Peacehealth's Barger Medical Building.

Cutting Edges    40"w X 54"h    1995

Leaves on a Pond    42"w X 34"h    1995

Trees are reflected on a quiet leaf covered pond. The leaves are raw-edged cutout fabrics machine tacked to the surface of the quilt.

Light Shining Through I & II    30"w X 60"h each    1995

A Walk in the Woods    34"w X 15"h    1994

A sample composition for clients who commissioned work based on this model.

They Can’t Opt for Bottled Water    39"w X 37"h    1994

This mandala showing two circles of fish in increasing states of disorientation, swimming in increasingly polluted water in an ever more threatening environment, expresses my concern for the destruction of fish habitat.

Going, Going ... or Coming Back    52"w X 41"h    1992

Ominous reds and blues represent man's encroachment into earth's life-giving forests. Meager attempts to reverse the destruction are shown with green and black striped bands. Various fabrics of cotton are treated with acryllic paint, dye, pastel chalk, and glitter. All construction and other embellishments are by sewing machine.

Raggedy Anna Banana    95"w X 48"h    1992

RX for Earth    95"w X 48"h    1992

Winds of Change    44"w X 56"h    1992

Seminole Swirl    39" diameter    1992

Sugarplum    39" diameter    1991

Transition    71"w X 45"h    1991

A comission to create a work for the Campbell Senior Center in Eugene that emphasized outdoor activities, this piece also represents the transition in life that seniors experience, with the time of day being either dawn or dusk.

Untitled Study    39"w X 26"h    1991

Celestial Spectrum    50"w X 59"h    1990

Galaxies whirl in the infinity of the universe.

Spirit of Amerigo Vespucci    47"w X 54"h    1990

Exploration, discovery, and commerce from the time of Christopher Columbus to the launching of the Magellan spacecraft are represented.

Tree Series

Old Growth    56"w X 38½"h    1990

The Fire    54"w X 32"h    1990

Aftermath    53"w X 32"h    1990

Rejuvenation - The World    52"w X 34"h    1990

End of the Tree Series

Thailand Fling    32" diameter    1989

Pieces from a Thai dancing skirt, other glitzy fabrics, and beads reflect the Thai love for glitter shown throughout their public buildings and culture.

The Spawning    43"w X 32"h    1989

Three salmon are depicted here in fresh water, the role of reproduction being fulfilled. Identical in outline and overlapping, you can find the least visible by tracing backward from the spawning vent.

Iridescent Gemstones    42"w X 41"h    1988

Inspired by a fiery opal purchased in Australia. Cotton, polyester, and silk.

Night Flight Over a City    57"w X 72"h    1988

Inspired by many flights with my husband at night in a small plane.